14th JULY @ Jalan Besar Stadium


Kids (u8 & u12)

We want to give exposure to the kids to different a kind of football setting. This tournament is a new challenge for them to improve their skills at a competitive environment. We are looking for 10 teams.


Build synergy between your colleagues and represent your company! We are looking for up to 32 teams. Each squad of 8 should comprise a fairly mix of Singaporeans and foreign residents.

World Cup

Play for the glory of your nationality/country of birth! We are looking for up to 24 teams of national teams from around the world, and up to 8 teams of Singapore citizens.

About Singapore United

The Singapore United philosophy is based around the idea of inclusion for all nationalities with sport being the unifying factor, hence the slogan ‘Celebrating Singapore's Diversity Through Sport'. Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan countries on the planet - that should be celebrated and what better way to do it, than through something as inclusive and enjoyable as sport. Singapore United has a double meaning in the name itself, both synonymous with sport and coming together, and it encapsulates what we strive to achieve perfectly.  


The Singapore United Football Fiesta allows the different communities living, working and studying in Singapore to integrate through the universal game of football and appreciate their differences, whilst honouring the fact that we all live on this tiny island. We feel social cohesion and harmony are vital for Singapore to continue succeeding.


We strongly believe in Singapore's cosmopolitan society - it's more important than ever to appreciate and understand our varied backgrounds. But we also feel integration is vital and that there is unity in diversity. And we hope you continue to support us in this endeavour. 

Event Organiser


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